What Are The Ways That Fruit Machine Games Differ From Slot Machines?

Fruit machine games are mainly considered synonymous. After all, this game works similarly. However, these machine games have many notable differences from slot machines. But both types of machine games look similar, but the fruit machine games have many unique ways. Below we explain some important ways that fruit machines stand out from other slot machine games.

Simple Gameplay

Fruit machine games have increased their popularity due to their simple gameplay. So beginners can easily understand this type of game and quickly learn about the process of playing games. The basics for playing either style of game works as follows:

  • First, you need to choose a bet size.
  • Then you insert the money into the fruit machine.
  • Then spin the wheel and wait for the results.

The process of playing machine games is quite similar. Moreover, fruit machines are simpler than slot machines. But they don’t offer so many options and betting on average. In some cases, the players can play with minimum bet in each round. Modern slot games come with a wide range of betting games, autoplay, or turbo spin. The players don’t have any extra options, but they will find slot games more involved than the fruit machine.

Basic symbols

The classic machine game was invented in the mid-1970s when video slots emerged. They are mainly characterized by reels, basic symbols, and simple betting options. Laterally, it includes bells, several fruit, and sevens. The players then find it difficult to identify a classic slot machine game when they see oranges, cherries, and bananas turning up in the reels.

Fruit machine games are the main part of these classic slots. It also features fruit symbols rather than bells and sevens. When players sit at machine games with buckets of quarters. Back then, gamblers didn’t expect inventive themes and amazing graphics. They just want to wager for larger prizes. But nowadays, a site like Situs Slot offers exciting animations, 3D graphics, and themes.

Special features

The gambling world has been arm race in recent years to roll out some special features. Slot machine games offer expanding wilds, win multipliers, infinity reels, and second-screen bonuses. With the help of technology, most players are no longer satisfied with spinning three reels. They want to enjoy the most unique and latest bonuses. Moreover, fruit machine games have two special features nudge and hold. The players can see how both of these options work:

  • Nudge- The nudge is a reel that moves up or down in one position.
  • Hold- This can hold one or more reels in place while spinning the rest.

Nudge and hold are not exclusive to fruit machine games. But several slot games accepted these features as well. These special features bring some degree of skills into the game. The players can strategically hold certain nudges and reels, which increase their chance of winning. In addition, the house edge still maintains the features which are present. But hold and nudge add enough skills to the equation where fruit machines are not pure gambling.

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